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4.5' Clip-On Phone Holster

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Manufacturer Part Number ( MPN ) : MXP-0109

4.5 CLIP-ON PHONE HOLSTER Overall height: 4.5 Overall width: 2.5 Empty weight: 1.6oz withoutclip; 2.5 oz with clipBelt clip: Heat treated heavy duty spring steel clip, jet black power coat, accommodates up to 2.25 belt loopOptional attachment methods: 3 TacTie (sold separately) Great for small two-way radios, Treo, iPhone, Palm, Blackberry and anything thats 4.5 or less in height. For fit, simply measure the height of your device (excluding antenna). If its 4.5 or less, this is the holster for you. Variations in width and thicknessare accommodated by elastic retention. Comes withour heavy duty spring steel clip pre-installed for quick and secure attachment to duty/rigger's belt, pants belt, waistband, pocket seam, backpack strap, etc. Clip can be removed and 3 TacTie installed for MOLLE compatibility.