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5 Flashlight Sheath

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Manufacturer Part Number ( MPN ) : MXP-1431

5 FLASHLIGHT SHEATH At the behest of hand-held LED light manufacturer INOVA/Emissive Energy Corp., MAXPEDITION created the 4 and 5 Tube Sheath models for hand-in-glove fit on INOVA's T1 and T3 models, respectively. These versatile sheaths, equipped with lateral elastic retention, also fit amultitude of flush or flared bezel torches from all major manufacturers. Rather than having the cost-cutting crimped bottoms like most other sheaths,MAXPEDITION Tube Sheaths have 1.1 diameter throughout, all the way to the base, greatly augmentingcarrying capacity, versatility and accessibility!! MAXPEDITION Tube Sheaths are slim, saving precious space on web gear or belt. A secure velcro lid provides full range of length adjustability while the grommeted bottom provides quick drainage and shine through functionality.